Updates and Apologies

We're not dead, but it's hard to find time to read during the holidays. We'll be back on schedule soon. SORRY.

Some thoughts on the book so far:

- Slow starter for me. The fragmented narrative took a long time, say 50 pages, to get rolling. It's hard to care about the plot when it's all chopped up.

- I feel like I can't breathe when I'm reading this book. As a reader, I want chapters. I hate to admit this because I like to read weird stuff, but the structure of this book is maddening. It's about 5000 little paragraphs, each with its own title. They aren't split into chapters. They just keep coming, one after the other, and they're just short enough that you could always just read one more, so stopping feels impossible, even when you don't want to be reading.

- Around 100 pages in, this thing gets real dark and even has elements of a horror novel.

- I like this book, and so far it's been weird and poetic and pretty good. I think the problem is that I want it to either be weirder, or more poetic, or just be a regular book. The fact that it's somewhere in between is driving me nuts. It feels like the author is a poet who is trying really hard not to write poetry and maybe he should just write some poetry already.

More later.